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Honest Forex Trading Reviews

With so many forex scams online we get to thinking that maybe there just aren't any honest Forex programs available at all. Well, here at, we've done our homework and studied many of the forex platform offerings currently available online.

Forex Megadroid Expert Robot Advisor
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1000 Pip Forex Climber System
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Forex Megadroid Expert Robot Advisor
=>> Seeing into the Immediate Forex Future with 95.82% Accuracy.

We were surprised to find several online offerings providing honest forex platforms, reasonably priced, and providing money back guarantees.

So genuine online Forex trading is available now and here are our reviews of 3 of the best programs we have found so far.

FapTurbo is a forex robot which runs from your computer. A series of well-produced video tutorials is provided, each step lasting about 3-7 minutes, explaining exactly how to set up the system. The system suits both beginners and intermediates and you really don't need to be a technical genius to figure everything out.

For this forex program you'll need a MetaTrader4 broker and they recommend A free demo account is recommended for starters which includes video instructions showing how to use the various features of the demo as well as a free Forex Basics Course.

* FAP Turbo includes quality video tutorials showing exactly how to set up the system.
* FAP Turbo is a robot so you don't have to search all day for your trades it automatically places them for you. The course is reasonable priced at just $149. So it won't break the bank.
* FAP Turbo provides a 60 day money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied you can get a refund either direct from FAP Turbo, or from their provider, Clickbank.

Not So Good:
FAP Turbo will only run when you are online. So if you are offline for any reason, or if your computer is turned off, the robot will not enter trades for you. OK, they have resolved that issue by offering forex hosting service, which hosts your robot on a remote server so it won't matter if you are online or not. The downside however is the cost which when I last looked was $70 a month.

Of course that's no big deal if you're making money. However, if you are just starting out it is a consideration. Nevertheless I do recommend the service which also includes a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Also note that you can find significantly lower prices for forex hosting, we have found a $35 a month option that works very well so we recommend you search Google for cheap forex hosting before deciding.

I have not found anything bad with FAP Turbo. Overall it's a good system for forex trading. Our team do suggest demo trading at first until you are comfortable with the system. With the 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee and all the training videos and the Forex Robot that FAP Turbo provides, this is a product well worth trying.

If you demo trade first and find that it's not your cup of tea, you can get your money back and you have lost nothing except a small bit of your time.

Fap Winner is a community of serious Forex traders using Forex Autopilot trading software created by trader Charles Floyd and called FAPTS, Forex Auto Pilot Trading Strategy. They offer two membership levels: "Gold" and "Supreme".

"Gold" membership currently costs $99 then $49.95 per month and includes:
*  Access to the FAPTS and FapTurbo trading systems.
*  Your own unique Forex trading plan - how to best use the Forex market to achieve your goals.
*  Valuable 1 on 1 coaching.
*  Live telephone support.
*  Access to the user forum.
*  Updates, chat meetings, forex webinars and ongoing support from Charles Floyd and his team.
*  Hedging EA - This is an additional automatic trading software which helps to increase profits even when the market isn't providing many trading signals for FAP.

"Supreme" membership currently costs $599 as a 1-time payment and basically offers the same benefits as "Gold" membership. Consequently the advantage of "supreme" membership is essentially the lower cost in the long term.

On the other hand, "Gold" membership, whilst being more costly long-term, is cheaper to start with and does offer greater flexibility in case you want to stop your membership at any time.

The benefits of FapWinner membership provide good value for money. The Forex Auto Pilot Trading Strategy (FAPTS) can help you work more efficiently with Forex Autopilot plus the benefits of their Users Forum, the Hedging EA software, as well as the quality support and the trading plan provided can take your forex trading to new levels of profitability.

ForexAutopilot is a relatively new software system by Forex trader, Marcus Leary. Marcus Leary was a forex trader employee before he decided to set up his own business. Using his expertise, he teamed up with programmer, Steven Strauss, and together they created

Marcus Leary provides support to members as he is the guy with intimate knowledge of the Forex market.

The ForexAutopilot program includes a set of expert advisors that trade forex on your account. On the face of it this could be bad because there are so many other "expert advisors" available that never or hardly work or work only for short time periods.

We expected this 'expert' to be like that and were positively suprised - the advisor actually gave us excellent results and never lost the deposit.

In about June 2008 a new version was released which allows you to have several trades open at the same time, plus other enhancements. What ForexAutopilot does is basically handle all of the trading for you. You only need to check in on it for a few minutes each day. Forex Autopilot offers these features:
* Works 24/7.
* Recognizes trends and hidden trends.
* Works on the MetaTrade4 platform, a very popular trading platform.
* Is based on mathematical models.
* Relatively easy to operate.
* Can monitor several markets at the same time.

Currently priced at just $99.50 Forex AutoPilot offers very good value for money and includes a full money back satisfaction guarantee.

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Forex Trading - Protect Yourself From Forex Fraud

By Kum Martin
Ever since Forex trading has become accessible to thousands of people all over the world, the Internet has become a breeding ground for Forex scams. According to a report published by the Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC), there has been a sharp increase in scams pertaining to Forex in the last few years. Most of the companies that are involved in these scams are misleading innocent people into thinking that making money in the currency market is quite easy.

Forex Scams - Do Not Let Online Thieves Steal Your Money

By Nikola Belic
Forex market, as one of the largest markets in the world, is very lucrative and tempting opportunity for anyone and therefore, most scam artists will use it to lure people into their schemes and steal money from them. Internet is, unfortunately, very convenient for scam artists and it is relatively easy to cheat almost anyone. Today anyone can purchase a domain name and set up a website for less than $100.

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